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This week's feature
Shostak: Falling Prices Are a Good Thing

There is nothing wrong with declining prices.

Last week's feature:
Tamny: Absurd Net Neutrality Alarmism

Today's obscure bauble of the superrich is tomorrow's common good.

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Programs Waste Valuable Resources

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but Humans Are Better

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Work Only Four Hours Per Day?

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Tucker: This Is Why Government Shouldn't Be Involved in Health Care
Tyler Durden: Philadelphia Soda Tax Leads
To 30-50% Plunge In Sales, Mass Layoffs

Jonathan Newman: Six Graphs that Reveal
Big Problems for Student and Auto Loans

Christopher Casey: Donald Trump's Whig Is Showing
Reisman: China et al. Are Not “Killing Us”
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Salles – Billions Gone: 2016 Olympics Venues in Brazil Are Now in Ruins
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Williams: The Seen and Unseen
Ron Paul: Why I Have Hope
Polleit: How the Blockchain and Gold Can Work Together
Patrick Barron: In a Post-Boom World, Auto Prices Will Fall
Tommy Behnke: Is the Auto Loan Bubble Ready to Pop?
Ryan McMaken: The Failed Moral Argument for a "Living Wage"
Jeff Deist: Why Economics Matters
Ryan McMaken: Boston Pulls 2024 Olympic Bid, Taxpayers Win
Ian Daily: Greek Taxpayers Facing a Future of Debt Slavery
Snarr: Baltimore's Unemployed and the True Cost of Minimum Wages
St. Onge: Let's Hope Machines Take Our Jobs: We Want Wealth, Not Jobs
Shostak: Technology Needs Capital To Produce Economic Growth
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Scribner: Bait & Switch: "Economic Development" in the States
Hollenbeck: Switzerland Frees the Swiss Franc
Steinreich: A Capitalist Christmas
Shostak: Should Economics Emulate Natural Sciences?
Lamberti: Getting Interest Rates Right (Is a Job For Markets)
Williams: Embarrassing Economists
Williams: Economic Freedom
Deirdre Nansen McCloskey
Sowell: The Ambassador and the Post Office
Sowell: The High Cost of Liberalism (Part I)
Part II || Part III
Gary Galles: Cognitive Dissonance on Minimum Wages and Maximum Rents
Dan Sanchez: How Inflation Picks Your Pocket
George Reisman: An Open letter to Thomas Perez, U.S. Secretary of Labor
Williams: Governed by Rules, Not Men
Thorsten Polleit: The High Price of Delaying the Default
Williams: Dependency, Not Poverty
Williams: Economics of Hate and Envy
Sowell: The 'Trickle-Down' Lie
Hawkins: Why America Is Headed Toward Bankruptcy In 13 Quotes
Williams: The Pope and Capitalism
Mark Thornton: The FDA: A Pain From the Neck to the Big Toe
Patrick Barron: How Much Longer Will the Dollar be the Reserve Currency?
Keith Weiner: Measured In Gold, The Story Of American Wages Is An Ugly One
Michael Snyder: Quantitative Easing Worked For The Weimar Republic For A Little While Too
Sowell: Minimum Wage Madness
Sowell: Unintended Consequences
Stossel: Trains To Nowhere
Bugos: Inevitable Inflation
Bernpaintner: The Truth About SwedenCare
Sowell: Economics vs. 'Need'
Jeff Jacoby: Washington Booms — Thanks to Other People's Money
David Howden: Japan's Easy Money Tsunami
Sowell: The Bullying Pulpit
James Freeman (Wall Street Journal): Bitcoin vs. Ben Bernanke
Harry R. Jackson, Jr.: Minimum Wage Hurts Unskilled Black Workers
Michael Snyder: The Big Banks Are Recklessly Gambling — With Our Money
Stockman: State-Wrecked: The Corruption of Capitalism in America
John P. Cochran: Stopping the Keynesian Death March
Sowell: Can It Happen Here?
Sowell: Budget Politics
George Will: The Sequester: A Manufactured Crisis
Sowell: Prophets and Losses
John P. Cochran: The Ethics of Repudiation
Reisman: Labor Unions, Thugs, And Storm Troopers
Mac Slavo: You Know How This Ends, Right?
Stossel: Charity Begins With Wealth Creation
Sowell: Taxing the Poor
Sowell: An Overdue Book
George Reisman: Post-Sandy: A Man-Made Disaster
Stossel: Greed
Barron and Bloom: A Golden Opportunity
Williams: Understanding Economics
Stossel: We Fund Dependency
Shostak: QE3: Sowing the Wind
Sowell: Capital Gains Taxes
Lessons to be learned from the financial crisis
Sowell: Risky Business
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Gary Galles: Buy Team America?
Percy L. Greaves, Jr.: What Is Economics?
Stossel: Myths We Live By
Sowell: Trashing Achievements
Stossel: First Jobs (Minimum Wage)
Gary North: Free Trade: The Litmus Test of Economics
James Miller: Why Gold?
Thorsten Polleit: The Fiasco of Fiat Money
Schiff: Trickle Up Economics
Williams: Immoral Beyond Redemption
Sowell: ‘Meaningful Work’
Schiff: The Golden Rule Reinterpreted
Moore and Williams: The Millionaire Subsidy Elimination Act
Williams: Good Economists
Christopher Westley: Unions and the Other Tiny Tim
Stossel: Let’s Give the Fed Some Competition
Stossel: Job Killers
Boudreax and Willams: How to Keep More Kids on the Streets
George Reisman: The Irrelevance of Worker Need and Employer Greed in Determining Wages
James Miller: Monoply Dentistry
David Howden: Deflation's Inflationary Source
Schiff: Keynesians Jump The Gun on Inflation
Sowell: A Defining Moment (Minimum Wage)
Williams: Presidential Nonsense — "You're-On-Your-Own Economics"
George Will: The Redistributionist Behemoth
Reagan: Americans Angry at Senate Sycophants
Williams: Economic Fairness
Stossel: Ten Years to Greece
Murray: Manhattan Moment: Here's The
Right Way To Do Regulatory Relief

Stossel: Blocking the Paths Out of Poverty
Rothbard: Smashing Protectionist "Theory" (Again)
Sowell: Numbers Games
Stossel: The Stupidity of ‘Buy American’
Rockwell: The State Is the 1 Percent
Stossel: Wall Street Protesters Half Right
Stossel: Government the Job Killer
Stossel: Government Makes Us Poor
Sowell: Stop Whining (Minimum Wage)
Schiff: How the Government Can Create Jobs (Minimum Wage)
David Lee: How Canada Escaped the Global Recession
Peter Schiff: There They Go Again
Philipp Bagus: Who's Afraid of Deflation?
Peter Schiff: The Fix Is In
Peter Schiff: Debt Deal is a Blank Check
Walter Williams: Job Destruction Makes Us Richer
Sowell: Debt-Ceiling Chicken
Peter Schiff: Don't Be Fooled by Political Posturing
Mark Thornton: Why Legalize Now?
Stossel: The Money Hole
Schiff: End Game
Stossel: Government Against Blacks (Minimum Wage)
Williams: Do We Deserve Our Fate?
Kohlmayer: Back to the Gold Standard
Mark Thornton: The Lehman Brothers Plan
Schiff: Raising the Roof on Debt
George Will: Obama's Anti-Business Stance
John Silveira: An American dollar worth two cents
J. Kevin Meaders: Charting the Course to $7 Gas
Iain Murray: The price of regulation – Anti-stimulus
Schiff: Late to The Party…Once Again
Williams: Eat the Rich
Kohlmayer: The Path to Prosperity...in 2040?
Kohlmayer: The Next Economic Meltdown
Kohlmayer: The Party of Big Government
Seth Lipsky: The Floating Dollar as a Threat to Property Rights
Williams: Economic Lunacy
Robert P. Murphy: What's Wrong With Government Debt?
Schiff: A Little Understanding Goes a Long Way
Schiff: The Two Faces of Ben Bernanke
Walter Williams: Public Employee Unions
Walter Williams: Self-Inflicted Poverty
Peter Schiff: A Mockery of a Sham
Essay: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
by Vietnam veteran and former state senator Robert A. Hall
Peter Schiff: China's Inflation Problem Looms Large
Philipp Bagus: Will There Be QE3, QE4, QE5...?
Sowell: ‘Saving’ the Housing Market
Peter Schiff: Forever Stamps Tell Us Much
George Will: Tax-Reform Fundamentalist
Peter Schiff: For Whom the Bell Tolls
Stossel: Why Do The Poor Stay Poor?
Peter Schiff: More Stimulus Means Fewer Jobs
Michelle Malkin: Giving Thanks for American Ingenuity
Kohlmayer: Why Isn't Peter Schiff Head of the Fed?
Sowell: Deficit Reduction
Sowell: Guess Who?
Schiff: Keep Your Head Above Dollar
Stossel: Freer Is Better
Schiff: The Hail Mary
Williams: Politicians Exploit Economic Ignorance
Williams: Something for Nothing
Schiff: Japan Intervenes to Bail Out America.com
Schiff: Flying Blind
But don't miss this: How Obama Thinks — Dinesh D'Souza
(This week's Forbes Magazine cover story)
Kohlmayer: The Main Thing
Sowell: Dismantling America (4 parts)
Don't miss this one: Fooled By Stimulus
Kohlmayer: The Death of the Dollar
Stossel: Private Enterprise Does It Better
Cap-and-Trade's Market Failure
Kohlmayer: Leviathan's Loot
The New Financial Regulation Bill: Hobbling a Housing Recovery
Walter Williams: Econonomic Stimulus Didn't Work Then, Either
Peter Schiff: The New Ideological Divide
Kohlmayer: America's Predicament
Walter Williams: Where Best To Be Poor
Walter Williams: Economic Myths, Fallacies and Stupidity
Kohlmayer: Greenspan's Call of Despair
Thomas Sowell: A Mind-Changing Page
Kohlmayer: The World's Money Problem
George Will: The Prosperity-to-Hysteria Two-Step
Thomas Sowell: The Real Public Service
Walter E. Williams: Free Markets: Pro-Rich or Pro-Poor?
Philipp Bagus: Have We Crossed the Point of No Return?


Williams: Ignorance Versus Stupidity (Voluntary Exchange)

Schiff: U.S. Corporate Taxes: Freedom or Fascism? You Decide
or Here

Sowell: Slaves To Words — "tax cuts for the rich"

Stossel: Everyone Prospers With Free Trade

Stossel: Myths About Capitalsm

Stossel: Lower and Simplify Taxes!


see also Minimum Wage Notes
From The Concise
Encyclopedia of Economics
Tamny: The Left/Right Crack-Up Over Seattle and the Minimum Wage
Williams: Minimum Wage and Discrimination
Boudreaux: The Tyranny of the Minimum Wage
Cordato: The Minimum Wage:
Taking Away the Right to Work
Walter E. Williams:
Higher Minimum Wages
Ryan McMaken: The Failed Moral Argument for a "Living Wage"
Walter E. Williams: Minimum
Wage Cruelty: Update
50 Years of Research
on the Minimum Wage
Harry R. Jackson, Jr.: Minimum Wage Hurts Unskilled Black Workers
George Reisman: An Open letter to Thomas Perez, U.S. Secretary of Labor
Gary Galles: Cognitive Dissonance on Minimum Wages and Maximum Rents
Walter E. Williams:
Embarrassing Economists
Snarr: Baltimore's Unemployed and the True Cost of Minimum Wages
Tucker: The Cruelty and Carnage of the Minimum Wage: The Case of Tad


Kohlmayer: The Curse of the Welfare State

George Will: Limits of a Welfare State

Schlafly: Some Pay, Some Receive

Stossel: What Am I? (Economics of Cruelty)


Property Rights and Externality


Business Insider: A New Medicine Model? — Mar. 19, 2017

Sowell: Risky Business — August 28, 2012

Stossel: In Praise of Discrimination — June 27, 2012

Stossel: Congress Can't Repeal Economics — October 6, 2010

Coulter: Prescriptions for Disaster Now Covered ... — April 1, 2010

Coulter: My Health Care Plan — March 18, 2010

Malkin: The Deem-o-crats' Towering Deception — March 19, 2010

Sowell: Talking Points vs. Realty — March 16, 2010

Sowell keeps them coming: Alice in Health Care — March 2010

Excellent 9-part series from Dr. Thomas Sowell — Oct-Nov, 2009

...and another 4-part series from Sowell — Nov. 3-6, 2009

Making Nightmare Out Of Health Care — 12/11/2009

Health Care is not a Right — 10/17/2009

Health Care is not a Right (from 1993!) — 12/11/1993

A Four-Step Healthcare Solution — 8/14/2009

More from Dr. Sowell: Alice In Medical Care – 6/30/2009

From Mises.org: The Healthcare Reader

Some of Our Favorites
It Takes Brains
Gold Prices
Atlas Economic Research

 Mises InstituteLudwig von

Trends Research


Per Byland's blog

Meltdown, Bailout, Stimulus?

Sowell: Stimulus or Sedative?

Wow… The Cloward/Piven Strategy of Economic Recovery

It's not that difficult to understand! The meltdown and the
bailout: why, how, and what they mean
– Feb. 2009

12/24/2009 – From one year ago (Dec. 2008), but still so relevant:
10 Reasons to Oppose a Stimulus Package for the States

Can "stimulus" spending actually help the
economy? Let's see what the experts say …

Thomas Sowell makes it clear again: Subsidizing Bad Decisions

Audit Faults New York Fed in A.I.G. Bailout — 11/17/2009 Really??? Who'da thunk it??

Pascal Lamy, Head of World Trade Organization, says
Bailouts Threaten Free Trade! — Financial Times, July 6

How Congress Will Steal the Recovery — Forbes, July 13, 2009 issue

British economists apologize to the Queen for failing to predict the credit crunch:
Sorry, your Majesty, we just didn't see it coming — 7/28/2009

From Mises.org: The Bailout Reader

U.S. Debt Clock

Conservative Economics

Peter Schiff Video Blogs

More from Peter Schiff

Another Sowell gem:
Too Many Apologies
— 2/24/2010

Climate-Gate? — 1/2/2010

Thomas Sowell on
The Fallacy of 'Fairness'
Feb. 2010

Sowell: The Economics of College, Apr. 2008

John Silveira: A quick tour of hyperinflation and the possible consequences for America

12 Warning Signs That Hyperinflation Is Imminent

From The Washington Examiner: The 2009 Nobel Prize -
Did They Get The Economics Prize Right? — 10/22/2009

If you assume that about 100 people in Washington are going to have meaningful input in the decision on how to spend this enormous stimulus of $800 billion, then on average each person is responsible for spending about $8 billion of our money. Can anyone in government spend that much money, $8,000 from every US household, more wisely than the average American would spend it? I simply do not believe that, and I also reject the morally dubious concept of taking people's money and spending it on their behalf, supposedly for their own good. — Alan Schram

The USA is Bankrupt —11/23/2009

Animal Farm 2009! — 7/27/2009

Socialist America Sinking —7/17/2009

Credit Expansion, Crisis, and the Myth of the Saving Glut —7/7/2009

Defined: Rent Seeking


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  2. Peter Schiff's speech to the Western Regional Mortgage Bankers Conference, Las Vegas, Nov 13th 2006. (audio)
  3. Stansberry on the Escher Economy. (audio) Dec. 2017
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